How to Pick Corporate Retirement Gifts that make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

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How to Pick Corporate Retirement Gifts that make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

When an employee retires it is usual for senior management, along with co-workers, friends, and family to give the retiree something that conveys appreciation for all the hard work that’s been put in over the years. The best corporate retirement gifts are ones that make the person retiring feel like all their efforts have been valued and recognized. There is an abundance of corporate retirement presents to choose from, ranging from the more traditional to personalized and sentimental individual gifts. We understand that choosing the best corporate retirement gifts isn’t always easy, so let’s start with some helpful hints and tips.

We can help make choosing top corporate retirement gifts easy

When it comes to choosing corporate retirement gifts you should do everything in your power to make them meaningful. Think about the retiree’s time they have spent with the company and make a point of emphasizing some of the contributions, places, and projects they have participated in throughout the years. An excellent gesture for the CEO of the company to make would be to write a letter saying thanks, and be a party to the presentation. A small celebration could be organized that reflects the person’s personality, and family and colleagues should be invited to attend. Keep the feelings of the retiree in mind, because not everyone will feel comfortable having a big sendoff. Some retirees will prefer something a little more low key.

Points to consider when picking corporate retirement presents

When it comes to looking at corporate retirement gift ideas, choosing will be much easier if you know certain things about the person. It will also be useful if a budget has already been decided. A great way of finding out about the retirees future plans will be to talk to friends, family, and co-workers. For example, are they planning to travel? Will they be spending more time on the golf course? Are they hoping to do more home improvements? Finding out about a person’s future plans will open up more options for corporate retirement gift ideas.

Matched Set as corporate gift idea

It is very helpful to know about the hobbies of the person retiring, as there are numerous hobby-related items that can be given as corporate retirement presents. Are they an angler, a painter, musical instrument player, reader, or avid photographer? Giving the retiree a retirement gift that relates to their favorite pastime is the perfect way to recognize the contribution they have made, not just to the future of the company but to work colleagues and customers as well. It will also give them something fun to do in their retirement.

Personalized corporate retirement gifts are the best

Giving people a personalized retirement gift is very apt, and there are many different gift ideas to choose from. At least one of them is bound to fit the bill. You could choose the most traditional route, which will feature corporate retirement presents such as an engraved gold watch. But if you’d prefer something a little more modern, consider a clock for the mantel or desk. Alternatives include personalized plaques, silver tray, collectibles, art prints or pen sets. You may also want to consider a crystal decanter and glasses, or crystal bowl that has been engraved with the retirees name, date of retirement and number of years of service.

If you want the gift to be symbolic, you could always be creative and make something yourself. An excellent way to reflect on a person’s history, and the contributions they have made, is by making a custom collage that features photographs, history, locations, projects, and other kinds of memorabilia that has significant meaning for the person receiving the gift.

The best corporate retirement gifts for the small business owner

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When you’re a small business owner it’s highly likely that you know your employees much better than the CEO of a large conglomerate. Therefore, choosing top corporate retirement gifts should be a little easier. If you’re feeling a little unsure about how to go about finding the right one then don’t panic. Here at our sole aim is to make the task far less difficult. Keep reading because we’re going to share some gift ideas and hints on how to pick the perfect one.

As with a large concern, an employee retiring, after working for your small business for a number of years, is an important occasion. It’s your time to honor and recognize all they have done for the company, and say thanks for their loyalty and commitment. It’s usual for there to be a small party or reception, to which you can, if you want, invite the retirees family and friends. If there are a few people retiring round about the same time you could organize a formal dinner party or reception. The gift that you give them will add to the ceremony and leave the retiree with something to remember.

Time for a few corporate retirement present suggestions:

  • Souvenirs and keepsakes – A retirement gift that works equally well for both sexes is a gift that chronicles their work history. It could be in the form of a collage, scrapbook, photo album, digital picture frame, or quilt. If your employee has mixed feelings about retirement this type of gift may ease the pain. It will also serve to remind the person of all the good times they have enjoyed.
  • Personal interest gift – There aren’t many people in the word who don’t have a particular interest. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest news, learning new languages, playing golf, collecting stamps, or trekking through the countryside. For possibly the first time in many years the retiree will have all the time in the world to focus attention on the things they like doing. Therefore, a gift that relates to this would be a good approach to take. And best of all it’s going to be a gift that’s of great use. If you’re a little unsure about future plans there are friends, family and colleagues of the recipient who can be approached for ideas.
  • Charitable donation – An alternative corporate retirement gift idea that is becoming very popular is a charitable donation in the retiree’s name. If there is a cause or charity the retiree holds dear then make a donation in their name. You might be worried that this type of gift won’t be appreciated, so give it alongside a normal retirement gift.
  • Jewelry and accessories – Especially for the ladies, jewelry can be a great choice when it comes to corporate retirement gifts. There is so much to choose from that there will be no problem finding an item of jewelry or accessories to suit a person’s taste. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, pens, earrings, cufflinks, wallets and bags are just a few examples.
  • Gift coupons – You need to tread very carefully with this particular gift, as it could be seen as a rather unimaginative retirement gift. But if you know of a particular store or restaurant that the retiree frequents then a gift voucher from such an establishment will be better received.

What happens when the retiree is your mom or dad? Should you be looking for corporate retirement gifts for mom or dad, or should you be considering something more personal?

Ideas if you’re looking for retirement gifts for your dad

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Is it time for your dad to hang up his work clothes, retire and enjoy more free time? It’s very possible that his feelings about the event are a little confused. On the one hand he’ll be looking forward to more time to enjoy the company of friends and family. But on the other hand he may be feeling a little sad because work has played a big part in his life for so many years. You can help make his retirement special by giving him a suitable retirement gift for a dad. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Golfing equipment and accessories – Not the best of gifts if your dad isn’t a golfer, but if he can often be found down at the golf course then new equipment or golfing accessories will be perfect. If he already has everything he needs for a round of golf then you could always give him a gold dipped golf ball and tee set
  • Retirement hat – You can never have too many hats, or is that shoes? If your budget is limited then a branded retirement hat, or one with a humorous retirement gag will be a good option.
  • Retirement mug – These are available in so many different colors and styles that you’ll be able to find one the matches his preferences. You could pick one that brings a smile to his face, or one that makes him laugh outloud. Alternatively pick a personalized mug that features his name and the date of his retirement.
  • Pen set – Pens are a very versatile gift for men, and are perfectly suited to be given on a number of special occasions, not just as retirement gifts. Your dad is likely of the generation that still enjoys writing with a pen, rather than typing messages on a keyboard, so give him the gift of a stylish writing pen to add to his writing experience.
  • Comfortable clothes – If your dad has spent decades dressing up for work then he will appreciate some comfortable clothes to relax in during his retirement.
  • The latest IT device – Give your dad the latest IT device so he can keep in touch with work colleagues, work on his social media profile, and even find a home based job if he’s planning to keep on working.
  • Relaxing chair – Your dad is going to have plenty more time to enjoy relaxing when he retires so give him a comfortable chair to help sooth his nerves and make him feel refreshed. It doesn’t have to be a chair for the home either. Why not give him something comfortable to sit on in the garden?

We hope that we’ve been able to whet your appetite and made you realise that finding the right kind of gift doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve taken a brief look at ideas for your dad, and we’ll also be looking at retirement gifts for your mom, along with lots more useful ideas.