Promote Your Company in Style with the Best Corporate Business Gifts

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Promote Your Company in Style with the Best Corporate Business Gifts

Whether you’re the owner of a small-scale business, or the CEO of a large corporation, a great option if you want to promote and market your enterprise and services is with business corporate gifts. Recent research has shown that promotional gifts give a far better ROI than most forms of advertising.

Giving personalized business gifts or corporate gifts can benefit your business in a number of ways. Maintaining good relationships with your customers is vital, however big your business concern. And a good way to show appreciation to valued clients is by giving personalized business gifts. This is actually one of the main reasons for marketing your business in such a way.

It’s not just for clients that corporate business gifts are a worthwhile investment. A company can also express how much it values its workers by giving them rewards in the form of business corporate gifts. The gift doesn’t have to be big, because it’s the thought behind the gift that is far more important. And let’s not forget corporate retirement gifts. For those times when a valued employee is leaving the company to retire.

corporate gift networkingIt’s a very simple process to make corporate gifts more personal, and there are countless online stores that offer such a service. Engravings, etchings, prints, and embossing can all be added to a gift. But there is another way to make a gift more personal. By making it relevant and useful to the person who is receiving the gift.

So let’s take a look at the sort of corporate business gifts on offer.

The perfect business corporate gifts will make you proud

  • Desk items – Includes a number of great corporate gift ideas such as puzzles, pens, clocks and business card cases.
  • Desk clocks – This is an example of a timeless business gift. Get the pun?
  • USB-Flash drives – A practical gift that will always come in useful for storing any number of things.
  • Toys, gifts and gadgets – Gadgets and desk toys that your clients will love playing with.
  • Presentations – Say thanks for a job well done, or to reward many years service with a stylish award.
  • Travel business gifts – When executives embark on their travels give them a gift to take along such as a leather travel bag or passport holder.

What types of corporate gifts are available?

Corporate business gifts come in lots of different shapes and sizes. We’ve categorized them into 11 sections, to try and make things a little easier.

  • Sports gifts – Sport takes up a big chunk of many peoples lives. Many of the people you deal with every day will have a connection with one or more particular sports. They may watch, participate, support or play a particular sport, or will have opinions on the subject. A great way to promote your business is by flying the company flag on a sports gift.


Gold-dipped poker cards

24k Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • Full-size playable deck of poker cards including both jokers
  • Produced to tournament grade standards
  • They are used in casino high-roller rooms

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Display only gold-dipped golf ball

Display 24k Gold-Dipped Golf Ball

  • Golf ball and tee both dipped in 24k gold
  • Perfect compliment to any golfer's trophy shelf
  • The golf ball is ideal for mounting on a trophy

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  • Christmas gifts – Get in early and order your corporate Christmas gifts before the stores run out of all the best ones.
  • Desk and office gifts – There is a lot of value to be had from having your company logo displayed on the desks of real live people. Potential customers will see your details immediately when printed on promotional pads, calendars, mouse mats, desk paper cubes, and other curios.
  • Bags and cases – We’ve all got one. We all use one. So what better choice as a way of promoting your business than with branded laptop bags, wallets, purses, backpacks, and shopping bags.
  • Summer gifts – If you’re planning to entertain staff or customers this summer don’t forget your corporate gifts. Get your company name emblazoned across umbrellas, kites, frisbees, balls, sun hats or beach mats.
  • Travel and leisure gifts – There are a few gifts that have stood the test of time, such as umbrellas, leather travel wallets, and golf items. But there are a number of other alternatives such as health and fitness items, garden games, picnic sets, and beach towels that will ensure your company stands out from the crowd.
  • Writing instruments – Pens aren’t quite the useful implement for writing they once were, as many of are now so intrinsically attached to our smartphones and electronic gadgets there is no need for pens and paper. However, there is still a place in the world of personalized business gifts for the give away branded pen. It’s a very cost-effective way of getting your name out there, and keeping it at the front of your customers minds. Prices and styles range from the bog standard biro to bigger and more expensive well known names.
  • Awards – Reward your most important assets, your employees and customers, as it is the best way to retain, motivate and thank them. Not just your own employees, but suppliers, dealers and customers too. We all have an inherent need to feel wanted and cherished, and this is one great way of showing those around you how much the company cares.
  • Conference and exhibition giveaways – There are lots of great ways to get your message across and bring your business to prospective customers. Newer and more innovative ways are being thought up every day. Whatever your idea, however much your budget, there is a range or type of corporate business gift to suit you.
  • USB products – Promotional USB Flash Drives have become one of the most popular corporate gifts today. And is there any wonder? They are practical, useful, popular, and a very good way of promoting your business.
  • Clothing – Corporate clothing has become big business in the advertising world. But the clothing needs to be fashionable, desirable and relevant. Take your company name and have it branded into hats, sweaters, t shirts, scarves, and socks. Give these corporate gifts away at seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. These are also great gifts for a company event, charity day and customer and dealer events.

Matched Set as corporate gift idea

Corporate business gifts, including corporate retirement gifts are a great way to motivate staff, suppliers, and customers alike. While this site is aimed mostly at retirement gifts we hope that you’ve found our corporate business gift page useful.