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Top Executive Retirement Gifts

Do you know an executive that’s retiring? Have you been invited to a retirement party and are wondering what to bring? Retirement can be an emotional roller coaster for long-term executives. Some will be very happy about the event, because they’re looking forward to more free time in which to pursue their hobbies, travel, or spend more quality time with family and friends. But there will be other executives who are unsure about the next chapter in their lives. The best gift for retirees experiencing either of these emotions will be one that’s based on their personal interests. Your choice of executive retirement gifts will also depend on how well you know them.

The executive that’s retiring could be your long-term business partner, your boss, your parent or your spouse. For each of these executives let’s share some ideas.

Executive corporate gifts for a retiring spouse

When your spouse is retiring you can look forward to more time together. Think of something you can do together and organize some tickets. Spend a couple of weeks on a cruise ship, or a week at a countryside retreat. You could go away for a skiing vacation, or soak up the sun on a sun-kissed beach. Why not book a couples spa treatment and you’ll be able to relax together. Does your spouse have any plans for retirement? Will they be taking up a new hobby? Enroll them in some classes to get things underway. Dancing classes, photography lessons, cooking classes, or maybe they would like to learn a new language.


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Executive retirement gift ideas for a parent

A retiring parent will always appreciate a gift from one of their children, particularly if it’s sentimental. Make them a scrapbook to show how much you’ve enjoyed having such marvellous parents. Use pictures of the family, taken throughout the years, photographs taken on company outings, and those of recent vacations. Does your mom or dad have a favorite hobby? Buy them a retirement gift that pertains to this hobby, such as a fishing rod, new set of golf clubs, or membership to a leisure center.

An exquisite gift for an executive mom who’s retiring would be a gold dipped rose. Most ladies love receiving flowers, but this gift will last much longer than a couple of short weeks.

Corporate retirement gifts for the boss

retirement gift for executiveIf your boss is retiring, and you want to show your appreciation for all their support, give them a basket of fruit, chocolate, candy, or cheese. It’s the kind of gift that can be taken home to enjoy with family. If your boss is planning to travel more during retirement a travel related gift will be perfect.

When the retiring executive is your partner

As your relationship with this executive is a little closer, you might want consider a gift that is a little more lavish. Buy a case of their favorite wine, a watch that’s been engraved with the company name, or an award or plaque that celebrates the executive’s career achievements.

Now you’ve got a few suggestions, let’s see if we can help you decide on the right gift to give.

Advice and tips on choosing the best retirement gifts

If you’re wandering blindly through the maze of choosing executive corporate gifts read the following advice and we’ll guide you.

  • See if the retiree is planning to set up an online registry of retirement gifts. You might want to try and convince them to set one up, as it will ensure there aren’t any duplicate gifts. Many shopping sites allow customers to create a registry and items will be tracked and removed when they’ve been purchased. It might seem rather impersonal but it can save tons of embarrassment.
  • Consider practical gifts that will help the executive during retirement. An avid golfer will appreciate a new set of golf clubs.
  • Expensive gifts are great if there are a number of people interested in pooling resources.
  • A basket filled with well chosen small gifts is another group option.
  • Add some humor to the occasion with a funny t-shirt or plaque. Or you could give them something really quirky such as an acre of land on the moon.
  • Personalizing your gift will make it really special. It could be the retirees name, initials, date of retirement, or a meaningful message.
  • If you’re still stumped for ideas, after reading some of ours, then you can always ask a member of the retirees family, a close friend or coworker. Or better yet, ask the retiree directly.

Is it OK to give an executive a gift certificate as a retirement gift?

If you’re planning to pick any old gift certificate, for nowhere in particular, then we’re going to have to say no. Gift coupons, certificates, or vouchers, are usually considered as unimaginative and thoughtless presents. Anyone can splash the cash for a gift voucher… requires very little thought. But there is a way this kind of gift can be made more appealing.

A gift certificate for a person’s favorite restaurant or store will make a very nice corporate retirement gift indeed. The difference is that you have thought about the preferences of the recipient and picked a gift voucher that matches their taste.

One final gift we thought worthy of a mention is the gift of a service. Think of something you can do to help the retiree such as wash their car, mow the lawn, clear the snow from their driveway, or redecorate a room in their home.

An executive who is retiring has reached a wonderful stage in their life. No more will they be a slave to the clock. There will be no fear of missing a commitment. And there will be more spare hours in the day than they ever imagined possible. A great way to ease the transition to retirement is with a thoughtful gift. There are plenty of creative and affordable gifts that will always be welcome. Mark our site as one of your favorites as we’ll be featuring lots more great ideas.