Celebrate the Beginning of a New Life Chapter with Retirement Gifts for Men

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Celebrate the Beginning of a New Life Chapter with Retirement Gifts for Men

Giving retirement gifts is an age old tradition. And it doesn’t look like it’s going out of fashion anytime soon. Do you know a man who is soon to be retiring? Are you struggling over picking his gift? We completely understand your dilemma, as many of us here have found ourselves in the same situation. For that reason we decided to dedicate this particular page to retirement gift ideas for men.

Men aren’t the only ones who are difficult to buy gifts for, so some time in the future you might want to read our suggestions for retirement gifts for women as well. We’re also featuring personalized retirement gifts and ideas for when it’s one of your parents that’s retiring. Reaching the age of retirement is a common event, and we want to be sure that you’re armed with everything you need to help you pick the right gift.

When a man reaches the age for retirement it’s customary to send him off with a suitable gift. There are many gift giving pitfalls that could catch you out. After all who wants to give a gift that’s considered tacky or distasteful. Our selection of the best retirement gifts for men should ensure your gift is a hit.


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The 10 best retirement gift ideas for men

retirement gifts for menRetirement can be exciting, but it isn’t always an event that’s looked forward to with joy. Sometimes retirement brings feelings of trepidation and fear. After several decades of a regular routine, it’s not easy to throw this out of the window, and find other things to do with hours of free time.

Are you looking for a retirement present for your dad? Or is it an uncle, brother, friend, or male colleague that has caused you to scratch your head? Whoever the recipient, our top 10 retirement gift ideas for men is certainly going to help.

  • Flowers and chocolates – Not just a retirement gift for the ladies. There are plenty of men who love flowers and chocolates. And if you’re on a tight budget this will be a very affordable retirement gift.
  • Box of cigars – Smoking isn’t the popular pastime it once was but there are still a number of men who enjoying smoking a cigar. A box of expensive Cuban cigars shows that you’re willing to consider more unconventional retirement gift ideas.
  • Restaurant coupons – There are plenty of people that love eating, especially if someone else has prepared the food. And don’t they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Give restaurant vouchers as a retirement gift for him. But see if you can organize a deal at his favorite restaurant.
  • Collection of movies – Is your male friend a movie lover? Giving this kind of guy a collection of his favorite movies is going to be a hit. All the best classic movies are now available on DVD, such as The Godfather Trilogy, and all the best John Wayne movies.
  • Tools for gardening – A lot of men will be looking forward to having more time to spend in the garden. And gardening can be an excellent way to relax and destress. Give your mate a set of gardening tools to help him with his gardening endeavors.
  • Gift baskets – We love gift baskets here at corporateretirementgifts.com, because they are such a versatile retirement gift. It’s the sort of gift you can buy from a gift store, or you can easily have a go at putting one together yourself. There are gift baskets filled with tasty morsels to eat, gift hampers full of wine, in fact almost anything the retiree likes can be presented in a gift basket.
  • Books – Is there a better way to relax than to lose yourself in the pages of a book? Some men would definitely say no. For these guys the gift of a set of books, or a magazine subscription, would be a really great idea for a retirement gift. There are so many books to choose from. You won’t have a problem finding something that matches his taste.
  • Golf equipment – One way that many women and men enjoy their retirement is by spending more time on the golf course. Golf is a great way to relax, and is also good exercise. For dedicated golfers the perfect retirement gift will be golf equipment that will improve his game. If he already has everything he needs how about a gold dipped golf ball and tee set?
  • Travel gifts – There are many retirees that will have world travel as a feature of their bucket list. Up until now there will have been little spare time to jet around the world. However, now that he’s retired there are endless hours to indulge in travel, and tick some of the exotic destinations off his list. Travelling is a great way to relax and unwind, and to explore and understand other cultures. Give a gift that will help him on his journey, such as a personalized passport holder, guidebooks, maps, luggage, travel bags, and much more.
  • Sentimental retirement gifts – It’s not just ladies who have a sentimental side. Men have one too. A gift that will serve to remind him of all the friends he’s made over the years, and achievements he’s proud of, will be an interesting retirement gift. Gather photographs, personal messages, work-related mementos, and other memorabilia and present them to the retiree in a scrapbook, photo album, or make a collage.

Retirement gifts for men will be better appreciated if they turn out to be useful. So let’s look at retirement gifts men will want to use.

Useful male retirement gifts

If you’re looking for a retirement present for your dad, or any other male retiree, a gift that will be useful in this stage of his life will be welcome.

  • gold poker cards gift idea for retirementGifts that encourage relaxation – After decades of ‘working for the man’ many men just want to relax and enjoy their retirement. For years there will have been very little free time and now it’s time to make the most of all those extra hours. Give him a massage chair, magazine subscription, wine tasting tour, spa day, membership to a local golf club.
  • Gifts that encourage recreation – After a few months relaxing the retiree may feel the need to get out and experience life to the full. Give him a gift basket filled with items that relate to his hobby or interests. Golfing gifts, fishing gifts, artist supplies, or anything that will encourage him to be more creative.
  • Gifts that will help him get away – If the retiree wants to get away them a vacation gift will be perfect. A long overdue vacation can be a great way to start retirement. If your budget won’t stretch to an actual vacation then give him a gift that will make his travels more pleasurable.

For all the men in your life, whether they are friends, family, or coworkers, spend some time and thought picking the perfect retirement gift for him and you’ll get his retirement off to the best start of all. Stay tuned because we’ll be looking at retirement gifts especially for your beloved dad.