Say “I Love You” With Our Pick of the Best Retirement Gifts for Mom

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Say “I Love You” With Our Pick of the Best Retirement Gifts for Mom

Is your mom one of those lucky ladies that is soon to be retiring? Do you think she’ll be able to slow down and enjoy the retirement stage of her life? There is a way you can smooth the transition and that’s by giving her one of our retirement presents for mom. Your gift will remind her that there is still so much to do, but also serve to acknowledge all she has done to get her to this point in her life. If your mom is one of those many ladies that will be retiring soon then keep reading. You might want to consider one of our great ideas.

Our top 10 retirement gift ideas for a special mom

  • retirement gift for momMagazine subscription – Retirement doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone. Do you know how your mom feels about retiring? Perhaps this will be a good time to ask her, as it can have an influence on your choice of retirement gift. Has she long had a favorite magazine, but never had the time to read it from cover to cover on a regular basis? When she was working and raising a family there would have been barely enough time to breath. Sign her up for an annual subscription, and she’ll be able to sit back and enjoy every word. Giving her books is an alternative, if you don’t think she has a preferred magazine.
  • Jewelry – Jewelry is always a favorite gift for women, and the occasion of your mom’s retirement is no different. Buy her a piece of jewelry that features her birthstone, or give her the gift of jewelry, exquisitely crafted using miniature rose petals. You can spend one hundred or one thousand dollars on a piece of jewelry, but the fact that it was given by you will make it priceless.


Blue glazed pendant in leaf theme

Blue Glazed Rose Pendant in 24k Gold

  • This chic pendant is in classic leaf theme
  • Created from blue miniature rose petals
  • Finished with a generous layer of 24k gold

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White matched set in leaf theme

White Matched Set in Leaf Theme

  • It includes a glazed rose, pendant and earrings
  • Real natural white rose petals accented with 24k gold
  • The pendant is featuring 30 synthetic diamonds

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  • Gift basket – These are available in a wide range of styles, and can be tailored to suit a person’s interests. If your mom is a foodie get the gift basket filled with tasty treats. If your mom enjoys wine then fill a basket with bottles of the best vintage. Do you think your mom might be planning to do more baking now that she’s retired? Encourage her by filling a gift basket with her favorites cookies and cakes.
  • Beauty and bath products – We bet your mom is beautiful, yet also known for her strength and how hard she can work. Remind her of her inner beauty by giving her sweet smelling bath sets and beauty products. Pick products that contain ingredients to will help her relax. It may be just what she needs to feel good about her decision to retire, if you show her how enjoyable it is to chill.
  • A long overdue vacation – Can you remember the last time your mom took a vacation? If it’s been a while then give her a vacation treat for her retirement gift. Don’t forget to include your dad in the vacation, or why not make it a family treat? And give your mom the chance to reconnect with family, and enjoy the company of her grand kids.
  • Camera – With all her new interests, hobbies and more time to enjoy the family, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for her to enjoy taking photographs. It could be that photography becomes her new hobby.
  • Spa weekend – Moms are nearly always busy and when she’s working as well she will be even more active. A spa weekend will give her the chance to relax and enjoy the finer things in life and all that retirement has to offer. It could be just a couple of hours and a relaxing massage, or you could splash out and treat her to a spa weekend. Give her spa vouchers and she can spread the enjoyment out over a longer period of time.
  • Family photo – There is life after retirement and you can remind her of that fact with a family photograph. It could be a photo of you and her grandkids, or a collection of family photos that includes your dad as well. Now that she’s retired there is more time for family and more opportunities for you all to have fun together. A family photograph will remind her that there is still plenty to do now that ‘work’ is over.
  • Family dinner – Invite the family round for a celebratory retirement dinner. A tasty home cooked meal and quality bottle of wine will be a thoughtful way to mark the occasion.
  • Electronic device – Don’t think that just because she’s retired she won’t be interested in the latest technology. An electronic device such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or camera will help her develop a new hobby and will certainly help to fill her time. If you think she might be a bit of a technophobe then enrol her in some local classes. Before you know it she’ll be Twittering, Facebooking, and taking selfies wherever she goes.

Still struggling to decide on the right retirement gift for your mom? Let’s quickly give you five more options. These are gifts that will show how much you care about her future.

    • Long-term care insurance – Help her plan for the possibility of needing long-term care. It is said that two-thirds of women will need three years of long-term care during their lifetime, so it would be good to be prepared.
    • Retirement advice from a professional – Don’t let her rely on advice from friends. All women would benefit from a few sessions with a financial planner.
    • Help her declutter – She may have already down-sized, but if she hasn’t then help her sort through her things and get rid of all she doesn’t want by organizing a garage sale.
    • Help her write a living will – This will help you make some of those tough decisions that may crop up in the future.
    • Make her home life safer – Accidents in the home are more likely to occur now your mom is in her 60’s. Spend some time making sure her home is safe by installing grab rails, handrails, non slip strips in the shower, and make sure her fire alarm is fully operational.