Celebrate a Person’s Accomplishments with one of our Great Retirement Gift Ideas

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Celebrate a Person’s Accomplishments with one of our Great Retirement Gift Ideas

The greatest retirement gifts are those that celebrate the recipient’s accomplishments, as well as acknowledging the relationship with the giver. A very traditional corporate retirement gift for a company to give to a retiring employee is a gold watch, or a commemorative plaque. However, coworkers or colleagues might prefer to give the retiree something they’ve chosen themselves and acknowledges the more personal relationship enjoyed. A great retirement gift will also take into account how well the gift giver knows the recipient, what the retiree plans to do when he or she no longer has to go to work, and whether they have any specific hobbies, interests, sports, or other activities he or she might like to participate in.

Now you know what qualities are required for a retirement gift to be great, let’s share some of our great retirement gift ideas.

Great retirement gifts for coworkers

A great retirement gift for a retiring colleague will be something that focuses on his or her work accomplishments. But it could also convey how much the retiree will be missed by his fellow workers. A popular idea is to give the retiree a scrapbook or photo album that charts their history with a company, or the whole of their working life. It shouldn’t take too much time to gather together some photographs and mementos, but will always be a meaningful reminder of the experiences that have been shared and any work high points.


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It can difficult to personalize a retirement gift that is being given by a large number of people, for example the whole of the shop floor, or an entire department. Therefore, a common gift for this sort of occasion will be a gift voucher, that everyone has made a donation towards. Honor a person’s contribution with gift vouchers to a local restaurant, local store, or popular online store can be a meaningful way to recognize the number of years they’ve been working.

If you happen to have a special friendship with the person retiring a more personal gift is needed. Before they say goodbye and head off on the road of retirement, take them out for lunch. Or arrange a dinner date after departure, so the retiree knows you still plan to keep in touch. There is no denying that their life will change dramatically when there is no need to go to work, and the best gift you can give is the knowledge that your friendship will survive the change.

Retirement gifts for bosses, superiors, and teachers that say thanks

A card that thanks them for their leadership is often enough. But a gift will do more to show the person how much they will be missed. A gift that conveys your thanks while encouraging them to celebrate their accomplishments is a great idea for a retirement gift. Consider a gift certificate for a local golf course, gift coupons to spend in a luxury resort or spa. You’ll be giving the person time to reflect on their working life and plan for the future in relaxed and comfortable surroundings.

Try and tailor the retirement gift to the recipient’s personal taste. Is your boss planning to travel? A digital camera or video recorder would be a very thoughtful gift.

Retirement gift for parents that come from the heart

Great Retirement Gift IdeasFinding a retirement gift for your parents, whether it’s for your mom or your dad, isn’t guaranteed to be easy. But it might be a good idea to pick a gift your parents can enjoy together. Sign them up for dancing classes, cookery classes, or a wine-of-the-month club, will be great ways to encourage new friendships as well as introduce your mom and dad to something new.

If your parents enjoy gardening then some new tools, gloves, plants, or seedlings could be the best retirement gifts. Take them on a trip to their local nursery so they can finally jumpstart a long awaited landscaping project.

If personal finances allow you might want to think about sending your parents on a vacation. Maybe a cruise or a long trip somewhere exotic. They might prefer to revisit a location that has special significance. Such as the location of their honeymoon, or the site of your first family vacation. Either will bring back some very fond memories, excite their spirit of adventure, or remind them that it’s not too late for them to have some fun.

Retirement present ideas for family and good friends

A retirement gift that’s destined to be given to a spouse, sibling, or close friend should be a gift that says something personal about the recipient. The best are often those that focus on relaxation and fun, but make sure it doesn’t focus too much on their age. Women in particular can be very sensitive about the passing of time. How about painting lessons, language lessons, or some other kind of skill based learning. It will be a good way to help them concentrate on the years ahead. And finding an activity that will replace the routine of regular work. Why not tag along with the recipient and enjoy the camaraderie.

The greatest retirement gifts of all are those that come from the heart. They don’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be special. In fact a gift that costs very little, such as a well-worded card, could have far more meaning than a gift that cost a fortune. The goal of a great retirement present is to celebrate the recipient. Where they’ve been, what they’ve done, the people they’ve influenced and the person they are today.

Here at corporateretirementgifts.com, our aim is to help our readers with their gift giving. Stay tuned to our site because we’ll be regularly updating our pages. Not only will we feature corporate retirement gifts, but unique, executive, and a whole host of other suitable gifts for many different occasions. We love to share our readers experiences too, so get in touch and let us know all about the retirement gifts you’re looking forward to receiving.