Make Your Retirement Gift Stand Out From the Crowd with a Touch of Personalization

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Make Your Retirement Gift Stand Out From the Crowd with a Touch of Personalization

Think of traditional retirement gifts and the ubiquitous gold watch will often be the first thing that springs to mind. Or maybe a glass plaque, that’s been personalized with a special message and the date of retirement. Not all that original, especially in today’s world of online shopping. There are so many astounding options, from sellers across the globe, that there is no excuse for your gift being boring. And if you think you’ll be forgiven for buying a retirement gift that sits on the shelf and gathers dust, we’re here to let you know it’s not going to happen.

Traditional retirement gifts are given to represent a job well done, but they don’t quite convey the feeling correctly for modern retirees. Once upon a time a worker could almost guarantee they’d have a job for life. Nowadays, the average worker can change jobs more than 5 times. Working for the same company for more than four decades rarely happens today. So when a person retires, it has become more important to feature the whole of their career, rather than just the last job.

This is why retirement gifts now take on many forms. You could still choose to give a gold watch or plaque, but ask yourself “Why would you?”. Time for you to discover some of the options currently available. We guarantee you’ll never be tempted to go the traditional route again.

Use the personal touch to make your retirement gifts more meaningful

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for every budget.


24k gold-dipped vase and rose

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Vase & Rose

  • Natural rose dipped in 24k gold combined with an ornate gold-dipped vase
  • The base is 3/16 inches and the height is 6 inches
  • A stunning symbol of love that lasts an eternity

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24k gold-dipped rose without display case

Gold Rose Without Display Case

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold
  • Combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold
  • Presented with a certificate of authenticity

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  • Engraved vases – Vases aren’t just a receptacle for cut flowers. They also make very decorative gifts, and if you add a spot of personalization they will make a great gift for a woman who is retiring. It’s not actually uncommon for crystal vases to be used to mark great accomplishments. A vase is a brilliant vessel for adding an inspirational thought, or a meaning message. Or it could simply be embossed, engraved or printed with the retirees name and the date of their retirement.
  • Engraved clocks – Rather than gift the retiree a gold watch, up the ante and give them a personalized clock instead. There are so many choices you should have no problem picking something unique. Made from wood, metal, glass, even paper, and personalized with a special message will make this gift a positive treasure. You may have heard that giving a clock for a gift is considered bad luck, because it represents the passing of time. However, we happen to think they make great retirement gifts.
  • Photo frames – This is one of the best retirement gifts if you’re working with a tight budget. You can still make it personal by adding a special photograph. How about getting all the team together at work, and having the moment immortalized in a photograph? There is also the opportunity to add a special message, but space will be a little limited. Picture frames are available in a number of different materials, so you should have lots of choice.
  • Maps of the world – This isn’t one of the more usual retirement gifts but it can be personalized which will mean it’s treasured. For the retiree who is planning to travel this gift will be a god-send. Instead of a book of maps why not get the retiree a world globe instead? All the places they are planning to visit can be marked, which will ensure the gift has relevance..
  • Pen set – There is still a place for pens to be given as retirement gifts, even in our age of digital information. Many retirees will enjoy a personalized pen set to be given pride of place in their home. Why not add the gift of a journal, or stationary set so the retiree can keep in touch with friends?golden dipped rose gift
  • Pocket watch – Pocket watches are a special kind of gift, and will certainly stand out from the crowd with a special engraving. There is space on the front, the inside and the back of a pocket watch for a heartfelt message. There is even the option of having an image embossed on the face of the watch. A pocket watch is the kind of gift that is often passed down through generations. Much like a gold dipped rose, or gold dipped poker cards.
  • Box for keepsakes – This is the perfect place for the retiree to store their treasures. Much smaller in size than the hope chests of old, it can be personalized in many different ways. Fill it with messages from colleagues, or add an extra component such as mirrors, jewels, and music. Like a few of the gifts we’ve already mentioned a keepsake box can be found in a wide variety of materials. Silver and mahogany are two of the current favorites
  • Glassware – When retirement day finally arrives there will be lots of toasting with favorite beverages, hopefully beer, wine, or maybe champagne. Give the retiree a fitting item of glassware to toast the future. The drink inside the glass is obviously important, but it should also be served in a suitable glass. Not everyone will be interested in partaking in an alcoholic beverage so proceed with caution. However, decanters, glasses, and other barware can be personalized to commemorate a retirement. And this kind of gift will turn into something that is loved and used frequently.
  • Money clip – This is another example of a very affordable retirement gift, and is the perfect personalized retirement present for the person who still prefers to carry cash. A money clip that has been personalized with a person’s initials is a great way to carry a wad of cold hard cash.
  • Personalized jewelry – Jewelry is a suitable retirement present for both sexes. There are so many types, styles, and materials it can be made from that there is something to suit even the weirdest of tastes.

    You might think that personalized retirement gifts are a little on the expensive, but there are options to suit all budgets.